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(why does H2 display the same size as H1?)

Sometimes a feeling is all we humans have to go on. Perhaps man wasn’t meant for paradise. Maybe he was meant to claw, to scratch all the way.

You know the greatest danger facing us is ourselves, and irrational fear of the unknown. There is no such thing as the unknown. Only things temporarily hidden, temporarily not understood.

Heading level 3

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Heading level 5 – a blockquote


Captain James T Kirk
β€”Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan
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H2O, 243

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Heading level 6 – tables
 Column 2Column 3
Row 1Cell 1Cell 2
Row 2Cell 1Cell 2
This is the default table style.
Note: the default caption is a figcaption, not a table caption.
Using the semantically correct table caption causes an error in WP. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ
 Column 2Column 3
Row 1Cell 1Cell 2
Row 2Cell 1Cell 2
Row 2Cell 1Cell 2
This is the stripe table style.

An example of ‘verse’ style


When the low sky presses like a lid
On my spirit, heavy with pain
And all the wide horizon is
Curtained by a dark day, most sad than night;

When the earth is changed into a dank dungeon
Where hope, like a bat fluttering blindly
Beats his wings against the walls
And dashes his head on the rotten ceiling;